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We our an 'Outstanding' School -CSI Report just in April 2024
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace
  • Catholic Primary School
  • ‘Through Christ we Live, Love and Learn’


Look-Special objects

We talked about our precious objects and why they are so special. We all brought precious objects from home to talk about with our friends. 

Discover- Special objects for Muslims

We talked about how Muslim people use a prayer mat when they pray. There is always an arch on the mat and no people or animals in the design. This is very special for Muslims and they never stand on it with their shoes on and only use it for praying. We looked at pictures of the Qur’an and talked about how it is a very special book for Muslims. They take great care of it and never touch it without washing their hands. We made a book cover for our own special book to keep photographs of our precious objects. We made our book cover using stars, moon, leaves and flowers. 

Children enjoyed talking about how special the prayer mats and the Qur'an are for Muslims and that they take good care of them because they help them to pray and understand about God. Children enjoyed talking about their precious objects and looking after the special book they had designed by washing their hands before holding it. 

Through Christ, we live, love and learn