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School Target 2020/21 = 96%

  • Whole School 93.3
  • Reception 100
  • Year 1 98.9
  • Year 2 91.6
  • Year 3/4 92.6
  • Year 5 90.9
  • Year 6 88.8
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace
  • Catholic Primary School
  • ‘Through Christ we Live, Love and Learn’

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6! 

Below is an outline of what the children will be learning each term.


Homework 📚

In year 6, homework will be set on Google Classrooms on a Monday and needs to be completed and turned in by Friday. Each week the children will receive: maths, grammar, PSHE and spellings. 

Reading books will be sent home with reading logs which are to be returned daily. 


⭐Behaviour -Steps to Success⭐ 

We have introduced our new behaviour system in class where children aim to reach the 'Sky is the limit' zone to show outstanding behaviour or maintain their good behaviour in the 'Green for Growth' zone. Look out for a certificate on a Friday to commend your child if they manage to end the week in green or blue zone.


Secret Student 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

Secret student takes place daily. One child in the class is the secret student and it is their job to model excellent behaviour as well as report back any outstanding behaviour they have seen from their peers in class. 


Autumn Term 1🍂
During Autumn Term 1, Year 6 will be studying the book 'The Nowhere Emporium' with plenty of opportunity for creative writing. We will be studying our local area in Geography thinking about the city of Liverpool and its iconic landmarks, which we will recreate in Art. Our history focus will be 'Black History Month', researching a range of influential people in the music and sporting industry. The children will investigate forces completing experiments on friction, gravity and air resistance. 


Autumn Term 2 ❄
During Autumn Term 2, Year 6 will be studying the book 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', learning to empathise with characters and support their understanding of the holocaust which will make cross curricular links to their History topic WWII. For Geography the children will research similarities and differences between London and Berlin. In Science children will investigate properties and changes in materials, testing the absorbency of different materials and investigating soluble/insoluble solutions and mixtures. 


Spring Term 1🌱

During Spring Term 1, Year 6 will be studying the book ‘The Secrets of a Sun King’ which will enhance their knowledge of Ancient Egypt - linking to their spring term History focus. There will be cross curricular links to Geography as the children will be studying the River Nile as their new topic. Additionally, Year 6 will be making clay sculptures of Tutankhamun’s burial mask in Art. For Science, the children will be investigating light and shadows and learning about key scientific terminology such as ‘refraction’ and ‘reflection’.


Spring Term 2🌻

Now we are back in school, Year 6 will be completing some writing on the short story 'The Water Tower' giving them the opportunity to explore what makes a good Sci-Fi story and  write their own. In History the children will be creating a timeline of key historical events which they have studied throughout their school life, as well as giving them the chance to research new periods of History which they have not studied previously. This will build on their chronological ordering skills. Our Geography unit this term follows on from our Ancient Egypt topic and is looking at deserts; how they are formed, locating deserts across the world and researching the animals which inhabit them. For science children will study the Theory of Evolution and adaptation. In Art children will be exploring using paint to recreate space and Sci-Fi paintings, linking to the illustrations in our story. 


Summer Term 1🌞

Our novel this term is 'Skellig' written by David Almond, it is a fantastic story which will give the children lots of opportunity to develop their creative writing skills. History this term is The French Revolution, the children will learn about the rule of King Louis XVI, the causes of the revolution and the impact it had. Linking to our History topic, we will be learning all about France both the physical and human geography and studying the work of the French artist Henri Matisse. Our topic for Science this term will be Earth and space. The children will be learning about the planets, understanding night and day and the movement of the moon. 



Summer Term 2🌞

This term we will be continuing with our novel 'Skellig' written by David Almond, as well as reading some short stories to give the children plenty of opportunity to develop their creative writing skills. We will be looking at the abolition of  slavery this term in History and focusing on The tropics of Cancer and Capricorn  and the Arctic circles in Geography. In keeping with our topic of France, the children study the work of the French artist Claude Monet recreating some of his wonderful artwork. 

Nature Friendly Schools 25.5.21

Year 6 had a great morning playing games and exploring outside with Nature Friendly Schools. They had the opportunity to design their perfect outdoor learning space. There were some fantastic ideas!

🌈Mental Health Awareness Week ( 10th - 14th May 2021)

Year 6 celebrated Mental Health awareness week doing lots of lovely activities;  they dressed to express, made information leaflets, explored nature and created some wonderful nature art and enjoyed singing and dancing to uplifting music. 

Diversity 13th April 2021

This week Year 6 participated in a wonderful workshop all about diversity. They took part in a class quiz, group discussions and then produced poems in their groups as well as on their own about diversity, including all the key information they had learnt during the session. 

Wellbeing Warriors 🌈

A big well done to all our Year 6 children who applied to be a Wellbeing Warrior, we know you will all do a fantastic job! 

Wednesday 14th April 2021🌷 

Year 6 had a busy morning planting flowers at the front of the school to get ready for summer. 

Request a selfie📸

Pupils in Year 6 will now be given the opportunity to ‘request a selfie’ of any work they have produced which they feel proud of. A picture of them and their work will be taken and emailed to their parents/carers with a little note from their teacher. These pictures will then be uploaded onto the school website to share their excellent work!


Year 6 Parliament

Next term Year 6 will be starting up their own parliament. They will be doing weekly news updates for the school, creating posters for a notifications board on any upcoming events and providing a suggestions box in the school hall for children and staff to use. The children have also decided that they would like to introduce 'Behaviour Ambassadors' to Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. It will be their responsibility to model excellent behaviour around school. 


As part of our planning for Year 6 Parliament, the children participated in a range of activities during

'UK Parliament Week' to help gain a deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities involved.


Weekly Maths Investigations 

Each week Year 6 use their reasoning and problem solving skills to complete Maths investigations.

👨‍🔬Science Experiments👩‍🔬


Year 6 CHET visit

Year 6 had a fantastic time during their visit to CHET.

They enjoyed participating in a range of outdoor activities building on their teamwork skills.  

Christmas fun!🎅


Key Stage 2 children had a fantastic time at the circus.  It was a wonderful trip which has inspired the children to produce lots of excellent writing.