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We our an 'Outstanding' School -CSI Report just in April 2024
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Science Club

13.1.22 - Chocolate Bridge

Enquiry Question: Which type of chocolate melts the quickest?


We worked in two teams to build a bridge out of tinfoil and cups to hold our chocolate buttons. We then placed two tea lights underneath as our bridge to use as our heating element.


We made our predictions and recorded them in a tally chart. 


First, we tested the white chocolate, using a timer to see how long it took for them to melt. We recored the data in a table. We then tested the milk chocolate and the dark chocolate using the same method.


We were shocked with the results!

20.1.22 - Catch the Worm

Enquiry Question: Which beak is the best to catch worms?


We tested four different beaks from four different birds - A toucan(tongs), a seagull (chopsticks), a cockatoo(pegs) and a hummingbird(tweezers).


We did 2 rounds of testing, the first was testing which beak was the best at picking up worms(wool). The second round was which beak was the best at picking up seeds.


Each child had a round on each beak, we gathered the score and found the average.

We concluded that the toucan's beak was best at picking up worms and the seagulls beak was best a picking up seeds.

27.1.22 - Stretchy Socks

Enquiry Question: Which sock is the stretchiest?


We used our prediction and observation skills to decide how many cubes each sock would hold before it would touch the floor.


We made our predictions of how many cubes before each sock, we began with the smallest sock, then medium and then large. 


We took in in turns to place one cube in the sock at a time. Our predictions were accurate and we found that the largest sock touched the ground first but we thought the medium sock was the stretchiest.

3.2.22 - 'Pop' Goes the Rocket to the Moon

Enquiry Question: Which pot will launch to the moon first?


We used film canisters and effervescent vitamin C tablets to create a rocket. We first discussed what effervescent meant and the science behind our rockets. We then made predictions about which rocket to pop first.


Some of us thought that the rockets with more tablets in would take longer because the water would take longer to dissolve the tablets.

Some of us thought the rockets with more tablets would be quicker because they would create more pressure in the canister as the tablets dissolved.


We started our experiment with 1 tablet and 5ml of water. We had a designated timer role and we began our test. We all had a big fright when the first rocket popped! It took 59 seconds. Longer than we had originally thought.

The rocket with 2 tablets took 33 seconds and the rocket with 3 tablets took 18 seconds.


We concluded from these results that the more tablets that were in the canister, the quicker it popped.


We wanted to go one step further and test it with 4, 5 and 6 tablets. We went outside for these ones!

From this we concluded that it would not pop any sooner than 18 seconds.

'Pop' Goes the Rocket to the Moon - 2 Tablets

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'Pop' Goes the Rocket to the Moon - 6 Tablets

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10.2.22 - Finale

For our final session of science club the children wanted to try erupting diet coke using mentos. As they had been excellent scientists throughout each of our experiments, we started off by discussing the science behind the eruption and testing it ourselves.


We then chose our favourite experiment from the 5 weeks to repeat, the children chose 'pop' goes the rocket to the moon. We challenged ourselves by testing what would happen if we used a small canister and a medium canister. Which one would pop first and why?


Most of us thought that the smaller canister would pop first because the pressure would build up quicker in a smaller space. We were correct!



Each of the children got an award for being excellent scientists throughout the duration of our science club and they promised to continue being super scientists back in class.

'Pop' Goes the Rocket to the Moon - Take 2

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Erupting Mentos and Coke

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Through Christ, we live, love and learn