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Y6 SATs Timetable


The 2024 Y6 SATs will take place during the week of 13th – 16th May:


Monday 13th MayTuesday 14th May Wednesday 15th May  Thursday 16th May 


Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling -

Paper 1


English Reading



Paper 1 (Arithmetic)



Paper 3 (Reasoning)




Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling - Paper 2




Paper 2 (Reasoning)





SATs, or Standard Assessment Tests, are the former, but still held to, name for National Curriculum Tests.  These are statutory end of key stage tests in the main core subjects of the National Curriculum; English and Mathematics.


On all test papers they are shown how many marks each question is worth: one, two or three.  This should help them know how much effort to put into answering each one.  For example, a “one mark” answer often only requires one word, while a “three marker” may need two or three sentences.


Papers are sent away for independent marking and returned to the school roughly 7 weeks later.  The staff check the papers for accuracy of marking and tallying the marks, as mistakes have been found in the past.


You will be given your child’s scaled score and whether they have reached the expected standard set by the Department for Education (‘NS’ means that the expected standard was not achieved and ‘AS’ means the expected standard was achieved).


The range of scaled scores available for each KS2 test is:


80 (the lowest scaled score that can be awarded)

120 (the highest scaled score)

The expected standard for each test is a scaled score of 100 or more. If a child is awarded a scaled score of 99 or less they won't have achieved the expected standard in the test.


The results will be available to schools on Tuesday 9th July.  Before the end of the summer term, you will receive your child’s school report which will include test results and teacher assessment judgements.

More "Information for Parents" can be found HERE


How Can Parents Help?


  • The biggest influence on your child’s SATs marks will be their reading ability.  Good readers can read questions quickly, and understand what they need to do.  Continue to encourage your child to read every day, looking at both stories and non-fiction.
  • To help your child prepare for SATs, encourage them to use their revision books along with the websites listed below.  Your child has taken part in and will be bringing home practice questions as part of their homework preparation for SATs.

Useful Revision Websites:



How else can you help?


SATs can be a worrying time for your child and can lead to nervousness as the tests approach.  Good coping strategies include:

  • Reassure them that they just have to try their best on the day.
  • Encourage them to spend 30 minutes a day on revision or practice.
  • Ensure your child is in school every day leading up to SATS as every bit of practice helps!
  • During SATS week, they need to arrive no later than 8:15 am so they have time to settle and prepare with the rest of their class. 
  • Remind them that in most parts of the SATs papers, children do not have to write in sentences: often phrases or even single words will be enough.
  • Teach them how to relax by breathing deeply and closing their eyes to picture a clam scene like a green field by a stream.
  • Keep an early and regular bedtime routine in the days leading up to SATs week – no later than 8:30pm!
  • Check your child can tell the time accurately so they will know how long there is to go in the test.


The tests are carried out in familiar surroundings with as much sensitivity as possible; some will work in classrooms or work areas around the school.  The lead invigilator is the Headteacher.


We will provide them with breakfast, so they only have to think about getting themselves washed and dressed and out of the house on time!


Everything will be done to help your child feel at ease and to allow them to give their best.




Through Christ, we live, love and learn