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School Target 2020/21 = 96%

  • Whole School 93.3
  • Reception 100
  • Year 1 98.9
  • Year 2 91.6
  • Year 3/4 92.6
  • Year 5 90.9
  • Year 6 88.8
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace
  • Catholic Primary School
  • ‘Through Christ we Live, Love and Learn’

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!



Class Teacher: Mrs Rimmer

Wellbeing Warriors

Here are our two "Wellbeing Warriors". Their role is to be a good model for their class- to show good behaviour and set good standards of work. They are also there to provide support to anyone who may need it. 

Behaviour -Steps to Success 


We have introduced a new behaviour system in class where there are 4 stages the child can enter:


1) Sky is the Limit- this is for children who show outstanding behaviour or do outstanding work.

2) Green for Growth- this is where every child starts each day, and will continue to stay if they maintain good behaviour.

3) Mellow Yellow- a child will be moved down to this zone if they start to misbehave.

4) Red Zone Reflection- this zone is used when children show consistent bad behaviour throughout the day. If a child is on this zone they must fill out a reflection sheet. They will also get an email home if they are in this zone more than two times in one week.


Certificates are sent out on a Friday to the parents of children who have ended the week on "Sky is the Limit" or "Green for Growth". 

Secret Student 

Secret student is a new thing that we do, that takes place daily. One child in the class is chosen to be the secret student through a game of "Heads Down, Thumbs Up" and it is their job to model excellent behaviour throughout the day. At the end of the day, the class will guess who they think the secret student is. Once revealed, our student can then provide feedback about some of the other good behaviour they have seen from their peers throughout the day.

After School Club- Arts & Crafts 🎨

Each Wednesday after school, some of our Year 2 class take part in an arts and crafts club. Each week there is a inspiration picture on screen of something that the class can try to recreate or use as a guide. This club gives each pupil creative independence and allows them to have socialise and have fun with their friends. This slideshow will be updated until our club finishes on the 26th of May.

27/05/21: Elmer Day 🐘🌈

Today it was Elmer Day, so to celebrate Year 2 spent the day doing lots of fun Elmer activities. We started our day by reading "Elmer's Walk" and then we did our own colour walk, exploring the outdoors to find things of all colours. This taught us that nature is beautiful and we should appreciate what we have, because in the story a lot of animals didn't have time to appreciate the outdoors with Elmer.

We then created some cards for our family and friends and we made an Elmer themed origami game to talk about his feelings throughout the books. 


After our very busy and fun day, Year 2 learnt a lot, but the main thing that we found out is that it is okay to be different. We are all unique and that's what makes us special. If everyone was the exact same, the world would be a very boring place!

Quality Text: The Perfect Present 🎁

In Quality Text, we looked at "The Perfect Present" by Fiona Roberton as a follow up to our previous book, "Wanted: The Perfect Pet". In class, we worked in our groups to create our own present, and inside it we added lots of words about the story and about our own perfect presents.

Why Soap Works:

In Science, we conducted an experiment to see how and why soap works. In pairs, we each had a bowl of water topped with pepper- this represented our skin and the germs/bacteria that can be on it. Parter A dipped their finger in to the water/pepper mix without any soap and when they pulled it out, they discovered that lots of the pepper stuck to them. Parter B did the same, except they coated their finger in soap- they then witnessed that a lot less pepper (or bacteria) stuck to their finger. This is because the soap acts as a shield for our skin, helping to protect us from germs and bacteria. 


In Maths, we like to do some group work before starting the questions in our maths books. This activity was using our cubes to create block diagrams using the information provided on our sheets. 

Ancient Egypt

Our topic in History and Art at the minute is Ancient Egypt and we are having lots of fun learning about it. We recently looked at pyramids in History and in Art we created our own using different pieces of card and some paint! 

Disguise Time!

For quality text we have been looking at the book "Wanted: The Perfect Pet". In this story, there is a lonely duck that disguises himself as a dog after he sees Henry's advertisement for the perfect pet. In class, we all had a go at disguising ourselves, using things we found at home such as hats, socks and glasses. We then talked amongst our groups to see how we felt- do we like changing our appearance and dressing up, or do we prefer to be ourselves?


In R.E we have been learning about the Pentecost, and how spreading the message about Jesus and God was so important. In class, we then created our own positive messages that we want to spread to our class and others around our school. We added these to our display board so that we can always be reminded. 

Dancing Raisins! 29/4/21.

Today in Science, we did an experiment called "Dancing Raisins". We had 2 cups- one with still water and one with sparkling water. We dropped our raisins into each cup and recorded the results on our investigation sheets. We discovered that in the still water, the raisin sank straight away, whereas with the sparkling water it moved or "danced" due to the pressure of the bubbles. 

Earth Day: Thursday 22nd April 2021 🌎

Today Year 2 celebrated Earth Day by learning all about our planet and how we can take care of it. We played some Earth bingo and we also created our own posters to celebrate our world.

Stress Awareness Month

As it's Stress Awareness Month, Year 2 covered what it means to be stressed and also how we can overcome and relieve the feeling when we experience it. We spent our Thursday afternoon doing a range of activities- we coloured in some pictures of different emotions, we created our own stress balls and we also made our own calm down bottles. All of these things can help us feel more relaxed when we are stressed. Our stress balls and calm bottles are now displayed under our Wellbeing Wall, so anytime we feel stressed, we can use our creations to help us chill out and feel better. 🌻😎🌈 

21/04/21: Smoothie Time 🥤

Today in Year 2, we had a very special guest who came into our class and taught us all about healthy eating. We got to learn more about the different categories of food in our Eatwell Guide and we even got to try a delicious smoothie made from some of our favourite fruits. Yum!

15/4/21: Fruit Kebabs 

This afternoon in class we made some delicious fruit kebabs. We had so much fun adding our fruits to the skewer, and an even better time eating our creation!


Year 2 start their Tuesday mornings with some yoga and mindfulness exercises. 


In PE, our current topic is "Attack v Defence". For our first lesson, we played "Galaxy Attackers". The class was split into different teams and they then had to run and collect beanbags and cones from either the hoop in the middle of the playground, or they could try to attack and steal from another team. 


In Maths, we often work in our tables to complete worksheets and challenges set in class. This is a good way to talk about our maths topic.


In Geography, we recently learned about Kenya and the Maasai tribe that live there. In one of our lessons, we made necklaces inspired by the people of the tribe, and used bright colours to do our designs!

Daily Mile

We walked our daily mile around the playground and had fun doing it!



In music, we have recently created our own songs in our groups about the people who help us. We sang about lots of really important people, including the NHS, firefighters, postmen, cleaners and teachers! We also had fun doing an interactive song on St Patricks Day!


For Easter, we created our own paper plate lambs and chicks. We had a lot of fun!

Here are our finished products! 🌟

We created some special cards for Mother's Day.


For literacy, we have been looking at the book "Unplugged" by Steve Antony. This book is about a robot named Blip, who is used to being plugged into her computer, but suddenly finds herself outside when a power-cut strikes! The story highlights how we can do all the same things we do online, out in the real world. It has been a relevant book in regards to the pandemic as a lot of us found ourselves constantly "plugged in" to our computers / phones however this has reminded us about the importance of being "unplugged" and spending time outdoors.

Unplugged Display

We worked together as a class to create our own version of Blip for our wall display. We used resources such as cardboard boxes, tinfoil and bottle caps. 

Here is our finished product, surrounded in some of our fantastic debates!


Recently in Science, our class conducted an experiment to work out "Who Ate All The Pies?". We had 6 different powders which we mixed with coca-cola and observed carefully to record the immediate reaction, and also the reaction after stirring for 30 seconds. We then used our observations to match the powder with the one that was found at the crime scene. 

8/3/21 Welcome Back

Today we returned to school as a whole class, after a long time off. We spent the day catching up with our friends whilst getting settled back into our normal school life. 🎉

Year 2 enjoying Christmas dinner together.

Year 2 performing their Christmas dance on their last lesson of the term, they were fantastic!

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CHET- Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Crosby Hall Educational Trust (CHET). They took part in lots of activities such as an obstacle course, making pottery owls, and they even made a campfire in the woods! They learned all about fire safety while toasting marshmallows to eat. Thank you CHET for a wonderful day!

Year 2's tribute to Remembrance Day. 11.11.20

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In History this term we have been learning about The Great Fire of London. We composed questions we wanted to ask Samuel Pepys about the fire and then we asked our questions during a role play activity. We also made Tudor houses, the type of houses that burnt down during the fire, using boxes, paper and sticks.

Our questions for Samuel Pepys

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Our questions for Samuel Pepys

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Our questions for Samuel Pepys

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Our questions for Samuel Pepys

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We celebrated Roald Dahl Day by dressing up as our favourite characters from his books.  We spent the day making character masks and doing other related crafts, reading stories and we even had a cake sale to raise money for Roald Dahl's Marvellous Choldren's Charity!