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Mindful movement

As we are all at home staying safe, Jane, our mindful movements teacher has been sending us weekly videos to keep us all relaxed and focused. Enjoy!


Mental Health Links

6/03/21 Wellbeing Weekend Challenge 

The Tree of Strength 

We can’t wait to welcome you all back to school on Monday! I thought it would be nice to take part in a therapeutic activity this weekend, to identify and reflect on your personal strengths, coping strategies, activities that make you happy and supportive people in your life. These will prove a good reminder of your strength and resilience and ability to reach out to others around you for help and support. 

Tree of Strength Instructions:

Use a large sheet of paper. Lay your hand on the paper, fingers spread, with part of your arm on the paper as well. Trace your arm and hand, leaving the tips of the fingers open (picture 1). This will become the base of your tree – your arm is the trunk of the tree and the fingers are the beginning of branches.
At the end of the open finger tips, extend the drawing to create more branches. At the end of the branches, draw several large leaves, making them large enough that you can write in each one (picture 2).
On each leaf write one thing that helps you get through a difficult time – this can include personal strengths, coping strategies, enjoyable activities, and supportive people.
Colour, paint, or decorate your tree as you wish (picture 3).
Send any pictures to:

29/02/21 Wellbeing Weekend Challenge:


This week our theme is positivity! Keeping positive can really help us keep focused on the good things in life. Sometimes it can be hard to see the good when things in life are tough. Keeping focussed on the small moments of positivity can help keep us feeling good on the inside and the outside. 

This week we are challenging you to make a rainbow of positivity. You can add some positive words to your rainbow too! You can paint, colour, draw or even make a rainbow of things around the house. Be as creative as you can! Where can you find a rainbow of positivity around your house? What will your message be?  See the photographs below for some ideas.  Good Luck! 🌈
Remember to send in your response to:

Half Term Mindfulness- Enjoying fresh air and having fun!

15/02/21 Wellbeing Challenge 

This week our theme is Mindfulness. It is so important to give ourselves the time to practise being mindful, it can help us reset our bodies into thinking more positively and give our busy brains a well deserved break. We can practise mindfulness by doing mindful colouring, breathing, yoga or even a nature walk. All these things can help your brain give it the break it needs, especially as you've all been working so hard at home. 

If you would like to share any photographs please send them to:

Here are some activities you can try:


6/02/21 Weekend Wellbeing Challenge

This weekend we are looking at happiness! When we feel happy on the inside, we glow on the outside. There are so many things make us feel happy. The sunshine can make us feel happy, the snow can put a smile on our faces and even talking to our friends can make us feel happy. What can we do to help others feel happy? We can make our parents feel happy by helping them around the house. Doing something kind for others can make them feel appreciated and feel happy. What can you do this weekend to make others or yourself feel happy? 

This weekend we would love for you to do a ‘Random Act Kindness’ for someone you know. This could be someone in your family, your neighbour or even your friend. Please remember to do this safely following the government guidelines on social distancing. What can you do to make someone else smile? Pass on the smile from your face to others.
Here are some ideas:
- Make pictures for your window for people to enjoy on their daily walks. 
- Make a card for the Postman/ Post lady. 
- Wash up for your parents or guardians. 
- Do some litter picking on your daily walk. 

Send in your responses to:

3/2/2021 Wellbeing Wednesday 

Today all the staff, pupils and their families took time away from online learning to participate in a wellbeing day. They enjoyed time with their families engaging in activities they enjoy such as cooking, exercising, watching movies and painting. 


30/01/21 Weekend Wellbeing Challenge

This weekend your challenge is to get moving, get creative and DANCE! 


When we dance and listen to music, it makes us feel good and elevates our mood whilst also allowing us to express ourselves creatively. So turn up your favourite song and let’s see your moves! Get everyone involved and throw some shapes on the dance floor! 🕺🏽💃🏽

Please send your videos to:

Quote of the Weekend

Cool Moves

Still image for this video

Let’s Floss!

Still image for this video

23/01/21 Weekend Wellbeing Challenge

Quote of the weekend:
Take time to do what makes your soul happy. 

This weekend we are challenging you to pick up your aprons, get in the kitchen and get baking or cooking! We would love to see what treats and dishes you make at home, with your grown ups to help you of course. We find baking and cooking a relaxing past time, to cook a meal or bake a cake can give us a sense of achievement. Can you bake a cake to make someone you know smile? I’ve posted a picture of some yummy fairy cakes I made with my son last night! 😋 
I  would love to see your photographs, good luck everyone! 
Please email photographs to

11/01/21 Mindful Monday

Today for Wellbeing we are focusing on CONNECTING with others. 

Please send photographs of connecting with others. Here are some suggested activities:

-Video messaging with friends or other family members. 
- Play a family board game. 
- Sit down for a family meal and talk together.
- Find out more about your family and friends- favourite food, colour, game, song, school subject etc. 

We are looking forward to your responses! 🌈

Some more fantastic examples of CONNECTING - working together to build Lego models and a family walk at the beach! Spending time with the ones we love creates a strong emotional support to buoy you up through life’s challenges!


Weekend Wellbeing Task

This weekend, we challenge the children to go on a Rainbow Scavenger Hunt! Find things around your house and lay them out onto the floor into a rainbow shape! Have lots of fun and remember to send in your photographs, we would love to see them too!  🌈

Rainbow Responses



Wellbeing Week

Although this latest national lockdown seems sudden, please know that we are here for your children and are ready to support you as parents and carers. This New Year let’s start where we are, use what we have and do what we can to support everyone’s emotional wellbeing. As rainbows symbolise ‘Hope’ and better times to come, I thought it might be nice to combine ‘Wellbeing’ and ‘Rainbows’. The attached rainbow image is a good reminder of the things you need to do to help your wellbeing- ‘5 a Day’.

These things need doing daily.

Starting from Monday the 11th, we will be looking at a different area each day with suggested activities you can do at home.

Monday 11th -CONNECT with others

Tuesday 12th- LEARN something new

Wednesday 13th- Take NOTICE

Thursday 14th- Be ACTIVE

Friday 15th- GIVE or HELP others

We are asking for all families to take part and send in photographs to show how our character strengths and sense of community values can help us with our wellbeing as a school family.

Photographs can be sent to:

A weekend challenge will be posted shortly to get us ready for our Rainbow Wellbeing next week!



Through Christ, we live, love and learn