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Year 3 / 4

Welcome to Year 3/4 2021-2022 

We are so excited to back in class and ready to learn! Our year will be filled with lots of exciting topics, activities and learning! 

Class Teacher: Miss Owusu 

Teaching Assistant: Miss Byrne 


Student Councillors 

Wellbeing Warriors

Autumn Term 1 & 2

Literacy- Our quality text for this term will begin with 'How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth' by Michelle Robinson and continuing with 'Stig Of The Dump' by Clive King. We will have lots of writing opportunities which include; writing our own instructional text, character descriptions and diary entries.  


History- In history we will be travelling back to 30,000 BCE to explore life in the stone age. Pupils will be taken on a virtual journey through prehistoric Britain to famous locations such as Skara Brae and Stone Henge. 


Art- In art we will be exploring Cave art which provides excellent cross curricular links with our history topic this term. We will be experimenting with colour mixing, extracting colour pigments from natural materials and imitating drawing on caves. We will practice sketching famous cave paintings and using different objects to paint with. 


Geography- Our geography topic is all about The United Kingdom! We will be developing our skills using Atlases and map reading to identify countries, capitals and seas surrounding The United Kingdom. We will be exploring physical and human features and understanding what makes the UK so amazing! 


Science- In science we will be exploring the Human Body and what it needs in order to grow. We will be sorting foods into groups, understanding the benefits of each food type and how it effects the body. We will then be exploring the different types of skeletons and how they are categorised. As well as identifying our own skeletons and muscles and ways in which they help us move. 


PE- Our PE games will be Hockey this term. We will be practising dribbling the ball and developing our ball control. We will be developing our understanding of invasion games and understanding the rules of hockey. As a class, we will also be participating in intra-game competitions and understanding the importance of sportsmanship. 


PHSE- We will be focusing on staying safe. We will be exploring and identifying those who keep us safe in our community and ways in which we can avoid dangers. 

Meet a real Archaeologist!


Today we had the pleasure of taking part in a real Stone Age workshop.

Dr John Hill came and showed us lots of amazing artefacts from The Stone Age! He taught us lots of wonderful facts and gave us lots of information about being an archaeologist. We held a real woolly mammoth's tooth and ribs and was able to see an actual necklace from the Bronze Age! We even used flint and steel to make fire!!  

Active Maths 

Today we decided to take maths outdoors and build up a sweat! We focused on practising our times tables as well as our place value. The first activity included using the parachute to remember our 2, 3, 5, and 10 times tables. Next we used bean bags, hula hoops and chalk to compete in place value number challenges! The children absolutely loved it and worked well as a team! 

P.E Dodgeball

Art-Stone Age Cave Art

Science- Identifying foods and their food groups

PE- Hockey

Art- Testing Natural Stone Age Paints

Literacy- Washing A Woolly Mammoth

Before writing instructions on how to wash a woolly mammoth we tried washing toy animals.

Geography- Using An Atlas

Read Hour 8/9/21

Year 3/4 spent our Read Hour sharing our favourite stories with our friends and reading on our own. We took advantage of the sun shinning and enjoyed some stories together outside.

Student Councillor Speeches

Children who wanted to be a student councillor wrote speeches about why they would make a good councillor and presented them to the class before a secret vote where each student voted for their favourite two.

Nature Friendly Schools 11/10/21 and 12/10/21


We enjoyed categorising insects and plants during a nature hunt and a host of fun team building games with the team from Nature Friendly Schools.

Year 3/4 2020-2021

We are really excited to be back in the classroom and doing what we love! This term we have lots of exciting and engaging activities planned which focus on the curriculum as well as wellness. You can find out more information below. 


Class Teacher: Miss Owusu

Teaching Assistants: Miss Byrne, Mrs Atkinson and Miss McHugh 






⭐Behaviour -Steps to Success⭐ 

We have introduced our new behaviour system in class where children aim to reach the 'Sky is the limit' zone to show outstanding behaviour or maintain their good behaviour in the 'Green for Growth' zone. Look out for a certificate on a Friday to commend your child if they manage to end the week in green or blue zone.


Secret Student 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

Secret student takes place daily. One child in the class is the secret student and it is their job to model excellent behaviour as well as report back any outstanding behaviour they have seen from their peers in class. 

Class Clubs

In Year 3/4 children have the opportunity to join lots of clubs.

Here is our present timetable.

Monday- Lunch time

                Year 3 Book Club

                Year 4 Maths Revision

Tuesday- Lunch time

                Year 4 Book Club

                Year 3 Maths Revision

                After School (3:10-4:10)

                Year 3/4 Dance

Wednesday- Lunch time

                 Year 3/4 Chess Club

Friday- Lunch time

                  Year 3/4 Grammar Revision

Introducing our Year 3/4 Wellbeing Warriors.


Wellbeing Warrior Pledges

Tuck Shop

After our first 'Talk It Out Tuesday' session about playtimes our Wellbeing Warriors met with warriors from the other classes and discussed ideas to make playtimes more enjoyable. One idea they reported back on was the introduction of a class 'Tuck Shop'. Everyone liked the idea and Year 3/4 enjoyed their first playtime tuck last week (7th May). 


Tuck shop will be every Friday, with a snack being offered each week at the cost of 30p.

Children can bring their money in any day of the week and give it to a member of staff for safe keeping.

(Monday - Thursday children can bring their own fruit snack in for morning break).

Summer Garden Party End Of Term Celebration.

Unfortunately, pouring rain stopped us celebrating the end of term outside in the sun the way we had hoped but we didn't let that dampen our spirit! We loved spending the whole day having fun with each other. We danced, played party games and enjoyed plenty of jam and cream scones.