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We our an 'Outstanding' School -CSI Report just in April 2024
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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Teacher: Miss Bryan



In Year 1, we use 'ClassDojo', the children will gain dojo points for their positive behaviour. If you get to 100 dojo points, you can choose a prize out of the treasure chest. Dojo points will be given out for good effort in class, making good choices, helping others and focussing on the speaker.


🌟Reading At Home🌟

Reading books will be sent home on a Friday, please do not forget to comment in reading records. A log is kept for those who return reading books weekly and children who are consistent with this will be entered into a weekly draw to win a book from the book vending machine.

Human and Physical Features

We have been looking at the human and physical features of the different countries in the UK.

Comparing Periods

We have been comparing different periods of time when we had very famous queens as monarchs.

Capacity and Volume

We have been looking at capacity and volume in our maths lessons. We filled different containers with water and used the vocabulary empty and full to describe the volume of the containers.

Features of a Letter

We have been looking at the different features of letters in our quality text lessons.

World Book Day

Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores

We had a very exciting science lesson today, helping Chester zoo to sort through the animal poo to decide the kind of diet each animal had. We are glad we had gloves!

Moving a Robot

We spent this afternoon working on inputting a sequence into our robot to create a sequence. We tested ourselves to see if we could achieve the desired outcome.

Features of a Newspaper Report

We looked the different features of a newspaper report.

What is it?

We found a mysterious object in our classroom. We had to decide what we thought it might be.

Children's Mental Health Week

Meeting the Bee Bots

We explored how to use our Bee Bots for the first time, looking at what each of the buttons did and how to input a sequence.

Scholastic Book Fair

Snow Day


In DT we have been making our very own windmills. Today we finished our construction and evaluated them.

Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas Dinner Day

Elf Day

Waterproof or Not

We investigated which materials were waterproof and which were not.

Floating and Sinking

We have been looking at which objects can float and which objects can sink in our science lessons.

Remembrance Day

Retelling through Music

We retold the story of The Three Little Pigs only using our instruments. We had an excellent time!

Winter Poems

We got out our highlighters today to find adjectives in our winter poems.

Smoothie Making!

We had a lovely afternoon learning about the eatwell plate and all of the different food groups! Then we got to taste a delicious smoothie.

Everyday Materials

Today we started our new topic about everyday materials, we learnt about some properties of glass, metal, wood and plastic.

Harvest Festival

Today we took part in our Harvest Festival assembly! We did an excellent job at signing our songs and talking about the importance of the harvest for those in need.

Seasonal Changes

We went outside and discovered some changes! We found leaves falling on the floor and the temperature was cooler! 

Smell and Taste

Today we explored the final two senses for our science topic of The Human Body. We got to smell and taste lots of delicious and also disgusting things!


Sketching Pumpkins

We have been working on our observational drawing in Year 1. Today we made a continuous line drawing of a pumpkin.

The Gunpowder Plot


Ordering Objects

In our maths lesson, we put objects in order from smallest to largest or largest to smallest.

Senses - Oracy

We used our senses to describe what we could see, hear, feel and smell when exploring what was in Little Red Riding Hood's basket for Granny.


Problems for the Plotters

In our history topic we have been learning about The Gunpowder Plot! Today we learnt that they had lots of problems to overcome whilst carrying out the plot.

Body Parts

We had lots of fun in science today playing 'Simon says' and labelling different body parts.

Story Sack

We enjoyed looking in the story sack today to see what out new quality text book might be.

Our First Day in Year 1!

Through Christ, we live, love and learn