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The children's last day in school this term is Tuesday 20th July. All pupils are expected to attend after the summer holidays on Thursday 2nd September 2021.

School Target 2020/21 = 96%

  • Whole School 93.3
  • Reception 100
  • Year 1 98.9
  • Year 2 91.6
  • Year 3/4 92.6
  • Year 5 90.9
  • Year 6 88.8
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace
  • Catholic Primary School
  • ‘Through Christ we Live, Love and Learn’


Reminder about the following Christmas events over the next few days, along with extra details:

  • Friday 14th December - Christmas Jumper Day.  All children are invited to wear a Christmas jumper to school, along with their own clothes, for a £1 donation (or more if you wish) to the Save the Children Charity.
  • Friday 14th December - Nursery / Reception Christmas Performance 9:30 am start.
  • Friday 14th December - Nursery / Reception Christmas class party.
  • Wednesday 19th December - Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 Christmas Play - 9:15 am start
  • Wednesday 19th December - Year 1 / 2 Christmas Play - 1:30 pm start.
  • Thursday 20th December - Panto trip.  Reception through to Year 6 will be visiting the theatre, for this year's production of Snow White.  We are asking for a contribution of £10 per child towards admission / transport.  Thank you to those who have already paid.  Please keep the contributions coming! Children should wear full school uniform on this day, and bring a packed lunch from home.  Refreshments will be provided at the theatre.
  • Thursday 20th December - OLQP Grand Christmas Raffle - 1st prize is a luxury hamper, 2nd prize is a huge Kevin the Carrot.  Tickets available from the office and the forthcoming Christmas plays!  The draw will take place during lunchtime with the children.
  • Thursday 20th December - Christmas Tombola.  Parents are invited to come into school from 3:15 pm to have a go at winning some Christmas spirit..!  There are plenty of prizes on offer - 2 goes for 50p.
  • Friday 21st December - Class Christmas Parties - Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 - own clothes may be worn on this day.
  • Friday 21st December - school finishes at 1:30 pm for the Christmas holiday.  Parents are reminded that all children are expected to attend school every day leading up to the Christmas holiday to gain their 2 attendance marks each day. Every day counts!!